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Optimized Procedure for Sealcoating:

Revitalize your asphalt surface with our meticulous sealcoating process, designed for optimal durability and safety.

  1. Thorough Surface Cleaning: Utilizing mechanical blowers and wire brooms, we rigorously eliminate all dirt and debris from the surface, ensuring a pristine foundation for the sealcoating application.

  2. Premium Sealcoat Material: Our sealcoat material surpasses Federal Specifications, featuring latex additives blended with a customized mixture tailored to the specific asphalt material. This high-quality formulation enhances longevity and resilience.

  3. Slip-Resistant Enhancement: For added safety, we incorporate 2 to 4 pounds of sand per gallon of sealant. This judicious addition not only reduces slipping but also fortifies the wear resistance of the sealcoated surface.

  4. Application Expertise: The sealcoat application can be executed using either a squeegee or spray method, depending on the prevailing condition of the existing asphalt. This flexibility ensures an application technique that suits the unique requirements of your asphalt surface.

Elevate the performance and longevity of your asphalt with our advanced sealcoating process. Trust us to deliver a superior protective layer that not only enhances safety but also withstands the test of time. Contact us today for a tailored sealcoating solution that prioritizes the health and resilience of your asphalt surface.


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Sealcoating - City of Dania Beach
Parking lot Sealcoating - Hialeah FL
MG Property LLC. Miami Gardens FL
Johnson Dialysis Center Hollywood FL
Manheim Palm Beach
Manheim Palm Beach
Shake Shack Coral Gables FL
Temple Courts Downtown Miami FL
Sealcoating Procedures in south Florida

Unlock the Potential of Sealcoating:

Elevate Appearance, Property Value, and Leasing Prospects!

Experience a transformation in aesthetics, property value, and leasing convenience with our sealcoating service. The rich, dark black hue not only enhances the visual appeal but also provides a durable, freshly paved surface impression.

Combat Oxidation and Water Damage:

Our sealcoating process acts as a protective shield, slowing down oxidation and thwarting water penetration. Without this crucial layer, asphalt undergoes an oxidation process, turning from black to gray. This continuous weakening of asphalt bonding leads to deterioration, revealing cracks and causing structural damage. By choosing our sealcoating solution, you safeguard your pavement, maintaining its strength and resilience.

Guard Against Gas and Oil Spills:

Sealcoating goes beyond visual enhancement; it forms a resilient barrier against gas and oil spills. In the absence of adequate sealcoating, these spills can penetrate the asphalt, softening and breaking it down over time. Our specialized sealcoating application ensures that your pavement remains resistant to the damaging effects of gas and oil, preserving its integrity for the long haul.

Invest in sealcoating to not only enhance your property's curb appeal and market value but also to fortify it against the elements. Elevate the overall health and longevity of your pavement—contact us for expert sealcoating services that prioritize both aesthetics and functionality.

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